Sandalwood Perfume Oil


Sandalwood Perfume Oil


Sandalwood Oil perfectly blended with an an exquisite Organic Cold-Pressed Golden Jojoba Oil base.

Sandalwood Essential Oil is rich, deep and sweet, yet delicate, woody and floral. Frequently found in high end fragrances and a favorite amongst both men and women, its even considered to be an aphrodisiac.

Our perfumes are rich, dense and long lasting on the skin, a little goes a very long way so our perfumes are presented in a pocket sized 3ml glass bottle fitting perfectly in your purse, handbag or simply your pocket! With a convenient roller-on applicator helping you apply just the right amount directly to the skin, bringing an experience back to an age we have (nearly!) forgotten.

We invite you to experience one of our favorite chosen languages in which we chose to gift the sense of smell…

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